Store your family members prescriptions securely into the cloud.

Store your diagnostic test reports right on your mobile and share them with your doctor at the click of a button.

Keep track of your body's vitals easily with Smart Charts.

Consult with our in-house dietitian for free.

Digitally recreate your doctor's prescription and receive timely reminders for the same even offline. You'll never miss a medicine again.

Search diagnostic, pharmacies and doctors nearby.

Dawai Box for Doctors

Dawai Box for Doctors

Common Treatment Templates

Save templates for common treatments and access these to create prescriptions later.

Emergency Care

Easily access patients Blood group, Allergies, Test Reports and contact information in case of an Emergency.

Smart Prescriptions

Create a Smart Digital Prescription with Reminders for taking Medicines as well as Vaccinations.

What is DawaiBox?

DawaiBox is an app-first cloud-based platform that helps you digitally store your complete health records- right from prescriptions to reports. We are a group of young engineers, looking to revolutionize the way healthcare works in India.

Why DawaiBox?

DawaiBox is the culmination of our belief that in an age where everything is digital- right from travel to laundry, it is imperative that the most critical, but oft-neglected part of our lives, our health, enter the same plane. We are dedicated to providing an end to end solution which would be the one-stop-shop for all your healthcare needs.

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